Paper Authors
Piecewise Latent Variables for Natural Language Processing Iulian Vlad Serban, Alexander Ororbia II, Joelle Pineau and Aaron Courville
Entity Identification as Multitasking Karl Stratos
Neural Machine Translation with Latent Tree Attention James Bradbury and Richard Socher
Structured Prediction via Learning to Search under Bandit Feedback Amr Sharaf and Hal Daumé III
Syntax Aware LSTM Model for Chinese Semantic Role Labeling Feng Qian, Lei Sha and Baobao Chang
Spatial Language Understanding with Multimodal Graphs using Declarative Learning based Programming Parisa Kordjamshidi, Taher Rahgooy and Umar Manzoor
Dependency Parsing with Dilated Iterated Graph CNNs Emma Strubell and Andrew McCallum
Boosting Information Extraction Systems with Character-level Neural Networks and Free Noisy Supervision Philipp Meerkamp and Zhengyi Zhou