Paper Authors
Unsupervised Neural Hidden Markov ModelsKe M. Tran, Yonatan Bisk, Ashish Vaswani, Daniel Marcu, and Kevin Knight
Inside-Outside and Forward-Backward Algorithms Are Just BackpropJason Eisner
Research on attention memory networks as a model for learning natural language inference Zhuang Liu, Degen Huang, Jing Zhang, and Kaiyu Huang
Joint Model of Rhetorical Discourse Structure and Summarization Naman Goyal and Jacob Eisenstein
Posterior regularization for Joint Modeling of Multiple Structured Prediction TasksKarthik Goyal and Chris Dyer
A Study of Imitation Learning Methods for Semantic Role Labeling Travis Wolfe, Mark Dredze, and Benjamin Van Durme
Introducing DRAIL -- a Step Towards Declarative Deep Relational Learning Xiao Zhang, Maria Leonor Pacheco, Chang Li, and Dan Goldwasser